sábado, mayo 11

"The most important things are the hardest things to say. They are the things you get ashamed of, because words diminish them — words shrink things that seemed limitless when they were in your head to no more than living size when they’re brought out. But it’s more than that, isn’t it? The most important things lie too close to wherever your secret heart is buried, like landmarks to a treasure your enemies would love to steal away. And you may make revelations that cost you dearly only to have people look at you in a funny way, not understanding what you’ve said at all, or why you thought it was so important that you almost cried while you were saying it. That’s the worst, I think. When the secret stays locked within not for want of a teller, but for want of an understanding ear."

—  “The Body” From Different Seasons
Stephen King

sábado, enero 12

Give me hope in silence / It's easier; It's kinder / Tell me not of heartbreak / It plagues my soul, plagues my soul / We will meet back on this road / Nothing gaining, truth be told / But I am not the enemy it isn't me, the enemy / But I came and I was nothing / And time will give us nothing / So why did you choose to lean on A man you knew was falling? / Give me hope in silence / It's easier; It's kinder / Tell me not of heartbreak / It plagues my soul, plagues my soul / And bury me beside you / I have no hope / In solitude / And the world will follow / To the earth down below / But I came and I was nothing / And time will give us nothing / So why did you choose to lean on A man you knew was falling?

The Enemy
Mumford & Sons

martes, noviembre 20


"No es tu sexo lo que en tu sexo busco sino ensuciar tu alma."

Fragmento de Diario de un seductor
Leopoldo María Panero

sábado, noviembre 3

Mi único tema es lo que ya no está
y mi obsesión se llama lo perdido.

Fragmento de Contraelegía, José Emilio Pacheco

martes, octubre 9

"I restore myself when I’m alone"

 Marilyn Monroe

sábado, octubre 6

Quisiera estar contigo
en este pequeño apocalipsis.

martes, octubre 2

jueves, septiembre 27


"I am better at dry sadness than at cold anger, for I remained dry eyed until now, as dry as smoked fish, but my heart is a kind of dirty soft custard inside.


I am not sad. Rather stunned, very far away fro myself, not really believing you are now so far, so far, you so near. I want to tell you only two things before leaving, and then I’ll not speak about it any more, I promise. First, I hope so much, I want and need so much to see you again, some day. But, remember, please, I shall never more ask to see you — not from any pride since I have none with you, as you know, but our meeting will mean something only when you wish it. So, I’ll wait. When you’ll wish it, just tell. I shall not assume that you love me anew, not even that you have to sleep with me, and we have not to stay together such a long time — just as you feel, and when you feel. But know that i’ll always long for your asking me. No, I cannot think that I shall not see you again. I have lost your love and it was (it is) painful, but shall not lose you. Anyhow, you have me so much, Nelson, what you gave me meant so much, that you could never take it back. And then your tenderness and friendship were so precious to me that I can still feel warm and happy and harshly grateful when I look at you inside me. I do hope this tenderness and friendship will never, never desert me. As for me, it is baffling to say so and I feel ashamed, but it is the only true truth: I just love as much as I did when I landed into your disappointed arms, that means with my whole self and all my dirty heart; I cannot do less. But that will not bother you, honey, and don’t make writing letters of any kind a duty, just write when you feel like it, knowing every time it will make me very happy.

Well, all words seem silly. You seem so near, so near, let me come near to you, too. And let me, as in the past times, let me be in my own heart forever.

Your own Simone"

Simone de Beauvoir’s letter to Nelson Algren (•)

lunes, septiembre 3

viernes, agosto 24

domingo, julio 15

El tiempo transcurrido nos arrincona; nos parece
que lo que quedó atrás tiene más realidad
para reducir el presente a un interesante precipicio.

Fragmento de Envejecer, Silvina Ocampo 

domingo, julio 1


"Vos y yo sabíamos
o al menos deberíamos haberlo sabido
que aquel día
intercambiamos fantasmas."

— Fragmento de Fantasmas, Jorge Santkovsky


te quiero pero
no sé qué hacer,
los hombres heridos
son peligrosos.

El pozo, Marina Gersberg                                    

sábado, junio 23

Ser funcional me agota.

miércoles, junio 13

No soy yo.

sábado, junio 9

jueves, mayo 10

Quiero soñar contigo.

domingo, abril 22

“La pasión más fuerte
de mi vida
ha sido el miedo.”

Fragmento de El origen de la acción, Mirta Rosenberg

lunes, abril 16

miércoles, marzo 28


domingo, marzo 25

sábado, marzo 24

“No eligió el silencio.
Quizás desde niña alguien la fue empujando.”

Fragmento, Glauce Baldovin

lunes, marzo 5

miércoles, febrero 29

"He was born (...) with the ability to be able to do anything that he wants to do and... findin' nothin' that he wants to do. I mean nothing."

"Rumble Fish", Francis Ford Coppola
Este día se parece a mí.

viernes, febrero 24

"Perderse también es camino"

Clarice Lispector

domingo, febrero 19

“Tenerte era perderte.
No tenerte
es esperar
que no llegues.”

Certeza, Piedad Bonnett

domingo, febrero 5

“In a place far away from anyone or anywhere, I drifted off for a moment.”

— Haruki Murakami, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

lunes, enero 30

sábado, noviembre 26

sábado, octubre 22

Lo mejor que podrían decir de mí: "se fue y no supimos más de ella."

miércoles, octubre 12

“A director only makes one film in his life. Then he breaks it into pieces and makes it again.”

Jean Renoir

domingo, septiembre 11

Tenho saudade de ti.

martes, agosto 9

miércoles, agosto 3

The magic hour

“At Malick’s insistence certain parts of the film were made at what he calls the ‘magic hour’, that is, the time between sunset and nightfall. From the point of view of luminosity, this period lasts about twenty minutes, so that calling it a ‘magic hour’ is an optimistic euphemism.
The light really was very beautiful, but we had little time to film scenes of long duration. All day we would work to get the actors and the camera ready; as soon as the sun had set we had to shoot quickly, not losing a moment. For these few minutes the light is truly magical, because no one knows where it is coming from. The sun is not to be seen, but the sky can be bright, and the blue of the atmosphere undergoes strange mutations.
Malick’s intuition and daring probably made these scenes the most interesting ones visually in the film. And it takes daring to convince the Hollywood old guard that the shooting day should last only twenty minutes. Even though we took advantage of this short space of time with a kind of frenzy, we often had to finish the scene the next day at the same time, because night would fall inexorably. Each day, like Joshua in the Bible, Malick wanted to stop the sun in its imperturbable course so as to go on shooting.”

'A Man with a Camera'
the autobiography of Days of Heaven cinematographer Néstor Almendros.

lunes, mayo 9

Orson Welles

Orson Welles, poco antes de morir.
fotografía de Michael O'Neill.

jueves, mayo 5

miércoles, abril 27

"Ruins are just buildings on their way to becoming nature"

domingo, abril 10

Tonight: Zoé

zoé - caracas

sábado, marzo 12

viernes, marzo 11

“Why do you look so sad? Because you speak to me in words and I look at you with feelings.”

Pierrot le fou

lunes, marzo 7


He was a writer. He thought he wrote about the future but it really was the past. In his novel, a mysterious train left for 2046 every once in a while. Everyone who went there had the same intention.....to recapture their lost memories. It was said that in 2046, nothing ever changed. Nobody knew for sure if it was true, because nobody who went there had ever come back- except for one. He was there. He chose to leave. He wanted to change.


domingo, marzo 6

“Why do we ask so many questions? Two people shouldn’t know each other too well if they want to fall in love.”


domingo, febrero 13

the black stallion

Después de tantos años... Me confortó.

the black stallion

sábado, febrero 12

Soy una analfabeta emocional.

lunes, febrero 7

“I am letting you into the secret of all secrets. Mirrors are gates through which death comes and goes.”

Orphée (1950)

tomado de iwdrm

domingo, febrero 6


não queria pedir mais do que você tinha, assim como eu não daria mais do que dispunha, por limitação humana.
mas o que tinha, era seu.

caio fernando abreu

miércoles, febrero 2


meu corpo vai ficar marcado pelo roxo das pancadas, não pelo roxo dos teus dentes em minha carne.

caio fernando abreu


(...) mordi muitas vezes a boca dele, interrompendo-me apenas para repetir que estávamos perdidos.

caio fernando abreu

domingo, enero 30

I have fear of...
but I need to...

hiroshima mon amour

sábado, enero 29


fallen angels

jueves, enero 27


fallen angels

domingo, enero 23


"I always sit at the same table he sat at. Makes me feel sort of closer to him."

fallen angels


fallen angels


fallen angels


fallen angels

viernes, octubre 29


martes, octubre 19

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I was slowly losing hold of my original and better self, and becoming slowly incorporated with my second and worse.

Robert Louis Stevenson
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

domingo, septiembre 26

Lo que me gustaría recordar.
"Somehow I’ve become very cautious. When I put on a raincoat, I put on sunglasses too. Who knows when it will rain, or when it will turn out sunny?"

Chungking express

martes, septiembre 21

sábado, septiembre 18

miércoles, septiembre 8

Ese eres tú

martes, septiembre 7

Ese eres tú

Bem na curva onde o pescoço se transforma em ombro, um lugar onde o cheiro de nenhuma pessoa é igual ao cheiro de outra pessoa.

Caio Fernando Abreu

miércoles, septiembre 1

jueves, agosto 26


sábado, julio 31

Romance and perfect sex, hurts.


martes, mayo 18

Nacemos tristes y morimos tristes

pero en el entretiempo amamos cuerpos

cuya triste belleza es un milagro

Mario Benedetti

lunes, mayo 10

No intervalo da ausência, distraía-se em chamá-la também, entre susto e fascínio, de A Grande Indiferença, ou A Grande ausência, ou A Grande Partida, ou A Grade, ou A, ou.

Caio Fernando Abreu

jueves, abril 15

Why can't it be like before?
Please don't go.
Stay with me tonight.
Let me borrow you.

I don't get it. Were does all that fun get you? If you find the right person, why waste time on the others?
If I find the right person? A man like me has nothing much except free time. Thats why I need company.
So people are just time fillers to you?
I wouldn't say that. Other people can borow my time to.
And tonight? Are you borrowing me, or am I borrowing you?
No difference. Maybe I borrowed you earlier,now your borrowing me.

viernes, abril 2

"as cidades, como as pessoas ocasionais e os apartamentos alugados, foram feitas para serem abandonadas."

"las ciudades, asi como las personas ocasionales y los apartamentos alquilados, fueron hechas para ser abandonadas"

Caio Fernando Abreu

lunes, diciembre 14

jueves, diciembre 3

I'll be a stalker in Korea.

lunes, noviembre 2

Por não estarem distraídos...

havia a levíssima embriaguez de andarem juntos, a alegria como quando se sente a garganta um pouco seca e se vê que por admiração se estava de boca entreaberta: eles respiravam de antemão o ar que estava à frente, e ter esta sede era a própria água deles.

andavam por ruas e ruas falando e rindo, falavam e riam para dar matéria peso à levíssima embriaguez que era a alegria da sede deles. por causa de carros e pessoas, às vezes eles se tocavam, e ao toque - a sede é a graça, mas as águas são uma beleza de escuras - e ao toque brilhava o brilho da água deles, a boca ficando um pouco mais seca de admiração.

como eles admiravam estarem juntos! até que tudo se transformou em não. tudo se transformou em não quando eles quiseram essa mesma alegria deles. então a grande dança dos erros. o cerimonial das palavras desacertadas. ele procurava e não via, ela não via que ele não vira, ela que, estava ali, no entanto.

no entanto ele que estava ali. tudo errou, e havia a grande poeira das ruas, e quanto mais erravam, mais com aspereza queriam, sem um sorriso. tudo só porque tinham prestado atenção, só porque não estavam bastante distraídos. só porque, de súbito exigentes e duros, quiseram ter o que já tinham. tudo porque quiseram dar um nome; porque quiseram ser, eles que eram.

foram então aprender que, não se estando distraído, o telefone não toca, e é preciso sair de casa para que a carta chegue, e quando o telefone finalmente toca, o deserto da espera já cortou os fios.

tudo, tudo por não estarem mais distraídos.

clarice lispector

lunes, octubre 26

People say, when you can’t have what you want, the best you can do is not to forget.

ashes of time

domingo, octubre 25

Él es expresionismo alemán.
Ella es nouvelle vague.

“So what are your interests?”

_ And I thought, nothing. I’m just a girl who loves movies.

[no sé de donde proviene]

viernes, octubre 23

but she can't change me ii

She can do anything at all
Have anything she pleases
The power to change what she thinks is wrong
So what could she want with me?

But wait just one minute here
I can see that she's trying to read me
Suddenly I know

Shes going to change the world
But she can't change me
No she can't change me

She has the daylight at her command
She gives the night it's dreams
She can uncover your darkest fear
And make you forget you feel it

But wait just one minute more
I can see that shes trying to free me
Suddenly I know

Shes going to change the world
But she cant change me

Suddenly I can see everything that's wrong with me
But what can I do?
I'm the only thing I really have at all

But wait just one minute here
I can see that she's trying to need me
Suddenly I know

Shes going to change the world
But she cant change me
No she cant change me

can't chang me
chris cornell

but she can't change me i

can't change me
chris cornell

lunes, octubre 12


sábado, octubre 10

anna karina
Take care. Maybe one day you’ll escape your past. If you do, look for me.


viernes, septiembre 11

E gosto das tuas histórias. E gosto da tua pessoa. Dá um certo trabalho decodificar todas as emoções contraditórias, confusas, somá-las, diminuí-las e tirar essa síntese numa palavra só, esta: gosto.

caio fernando abreu

viernes, agosto 21

Realmente nunca pensé que ella llamaría.
Pero cada vez que pasaba por la cabina de teléfono,
me detenía allí por un rato.
Talvez ella está bien y haya vuelto a Macao
o talvez sólo necesitaba alguien que la ayudará a pasar esa noche.

Days of being wild

sábado, agosto 8

(…) uma das coisas que aprendi é que se deve viver apesar de. apesar de, se deve comer. apesar de, se deve amar. apesar de, se deve morrer. inclusive muitas vezes é o próprio apesar de que nos empurra para a frente. foi o apesar de que me deu uma angústia que insatisfeita foi a criadora de minha própria vida. foi apesar de que parei na rua e fiquei olhando para você enquanto você esperava um táxi. e desde logo desejando você, esse teu corpo que nem sequer é bonito, mas é o corpo que eu quero. mas quero inteiro, com a alma também. por isso, não faz mal que você não venha, espararei quanto tempo for preciso.

clarice lispector

lunes, julio 27


photographer I xia tio

lunes, julio 20

You sit there in your heartache
Waiting on some beautiful boy to
save you from your old ways...

when you were young

the killers

jueves, julio 16



sábado, julio 4

she smiles

This guy makes me smile a lot!

actor I jung woo sung

miércoles, julio 1

The distance between our angels is more than the space of a kiss.

fallen angels

jueves, junio 25



miércoles, junio 24



david carradine

a serie

jueves, junio 4